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What does it mean to “end” homelessness?

by Jeff Jaynes,  Executive Director Restore Hope and Chair of Zero: 2016 Tulsa. Growing up in Tulsa, I had my first real experience of poverty and homelessness volunteering at one of our amazing shelters. Up to that point, my life was sheltered…but in a different way....

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A housing-first solution to homelessness requires housing

There are approximately 300 individuals in Tulsa who are chronically homeless or are veterans experiencing homelessness at the time of publication. Three hundred individuals and 22,000 available homes. Sheer numbers would imply that there would be an abundance of housing for every person within the city who needs it. But there are barriers.

There is more than simply transforming a vacant unit into an occupied one.

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What happens to the Day Center when we end chronic homelessness?

Many people have asked me what the shelter will do if every Tulsan who is chronically homeless finds a home by the end of this year. Will the Day Center still be needed?

The answer is yes.

The shelter has provided a healthy environment for those who are homeless for more than three decades.

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Are you searching for housing support?

Dial 2-1-1 any time, 24/7. This free and confidential service connects to trained service specialists who give people in Oklahoma personalized help in finding financial assistance, food, clothing, health care, shelter, housing, counseling, support groups, legal aid, employment, and much more. Food, rent and utility payment resource information is also available by texting “211OK” to 898-211.
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